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History of Learjet

If you dare to dream, dream big. And if your dream includes flying a jet around the world, one aircraft stands out from all others. The Learjet family of high-performance jets. The very symbol of power, beauty and speed. To many, Learjet defines the idea of a business jet. And that’s the way it’s been since Oct. 7, 1963, when the first Learjet 23 took flight, writing a new chapter in the history of aviation. It was an aircraft as distinctive, mold-breaking and brilliant as its creator, Bill Lear. Already a legend many times over, Lear had a hand in creating the first workable car radio, the aircraft autopilot, eight-track stereo – even an eco-friendly steam-powered car and bus. In all, he is credited with more than 100 inventions. Then he put his reputation and his own money on the line once again. Lear gave his heart, his creative genius and his name to a revolutionary new aircraft. And created yet another legend, while inventing the concept of a jet designed specifically for business travel. Learjet was the first business jet to circle the globe, taking off from Wichita, Kansas, on May 23, 1966. Bill Lear’s 23-year-old son, John, was the copilot. The Learjet 24 shattered 18 speed records as it raced 23,000 miles around the world — in just 50 hours of total flight time. Nearly 50 years later, Learjet remains a legend – a cutting-edge performance machine that continues to push comfort and efficiency to new heights. When a young man dreams of circling the globe, only one jet family carries a legacy large enough to fuel that dream: Learjet.

Learjet History
Learjet History
Learjet History

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